About EJ

We grow up meeting heroes.

Heroes do not just live in comics. Heroes do not have that suit. Everyday people, everyday life they lead.

Every little thing, every little change.

Real human they are, who breathe the same air, bathe the same sun, walk the same land as every one of us. The only distinctive feature goes with their heart and attitude, and how they perform this out.

We need no detective to locate them, for they reveal themselves through their acts.

Stories of these everyday heroes may not even be told on newspapers or articles, but for those who have heard of them, they are privileged to be inspired.

Everyday Joe collections are stones of touches of no-name heroes. Each piece of our work is a mark of powerful heart and powerful act. Everyone can have a heroic heart under the skin. Be inspired, and start your own story.

Wear a hero, be yourself Hero.